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Sneaky Pete, A Classic Fly Fishing Lure

The Sneaky Pete has a bullet shaped, conical designed body and is sometimes referred to as a "slider". When stripped the unique shape causes it to slip under the water as opposed to "poppers" which create water disturbance. Best fished on calm water. Use the strip,...

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Christmas Gift Giving Made Easy

BreamBugs recently introduced their fly fishing ballpoint pens.  The barrel of these pens are custom made of either Birdseye Maple or Bamboo, your choice, with the pocket clips, bands, and pen tops made of beautifully detailed metal.  Its a gift that will wow any fly...

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BreamBugs Exclusive Fly Fishers Ballpoint Pen

A custom made wooden barrel made from Birdseye Maple.  The pocket clip is a fly rod.  The top of the pen is a reel with fly line and a fish!  The base of the pen is a fly fisher netting a fish.  Each wood grain barrel is slightly different.  This is an excellent gift...

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August 4, 2018 Was A Good Day To Fish!

At 6:00AM the air temp was 72 degrees and the sun was still behind the trees.  Using a vintage 2 piece 7wt Eagle Claw Wright and McGill rod and a Bea's Popper #15 hook size 8 I caught 35 bluegill and 4 nice bass before 8:00AM.  Very little wear on the popper.  Even...

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Dragon Flies From Conrad’s Flies

BreamBugs is pleased to introduce two dragon fly designs from Conrad's Flies.  The Blue Dragon Fly in hook size 6 and 8 and the Black Dragon Fly in hook size 6.  Oh, and check out the Pink Lady Fly, also from Conrad's Flies.

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Bass Poppers and Flies From BreamBugs

Yes, BreamBugs sells bass poppers and flies, too. Its easy to find our bass poppers and flies, simply click on the word "BASS" at the top of our home page. 57 different bass poppers and flies will appear for a fun shopping experience.

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Bugs Are Flying Out Off And Into BreamBugs

Bugs are flying out of BreamBugs because we are having another record year thanks to our wonderful customers. Bugs are fly into BreamBugs because we have added four new bass flies from the Wilson's and three new bass flies from Conrad's Flies. Check them out...

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A Bit Of Bar Nunn Popper History

The Bar Nun Popper has been catching bream since the early 50's.  If you would like a copy of an article titled, "The BreamBug that took me back home.", By Otha Barham of the Meridian Star, Meridian, MS, send me an email and tell me if you want the digital version or...

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BoogleBullets From BoogleBug

When targeting wary, easily spooked fish or when conditions call for a quite, stealthy presentation, use the BoogleBullet. You will appreciate the clog free hook eyes. BoogleBullets are available in hook sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10 from

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