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Fire Tiger Sliders From Walt Cary

Walt Cary has done it again, created two Fire Tiger Sliders and a Frog Slider.  The cover of Fly Tyer magazine, Autumn 2011 issue, featured Walt's original Fire Tiger Popper.  See all of Walt Cary's poppers and sliders at:

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To Use Or Not To Use Barbless Hooks

If you do lots of "catch and release" fly fishing you are aware of the advantages of barbless hooks.  The main advantage, however, is that it will not hurt the fish and obviously its easier to remove the hook.  BreamBugs has several barbless hooks to choose from. ...

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Have You Ever Fly Fished With A Snub Nose?

Here is your opportunity. Pultz Poppers has introduced their new Snub Nose Slider for bream fly fishing.  Available in three styles, chartreuse body with black spackle, black hackle and chartreuse tail.  The Snub Nose Slider Frog white body with black spackle, black...

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North Arkansas Fly Fishers 22nd Annual Sowbug Roundup

The Sowbug Roundup is a three day fly tying fly fishing show that is held in Mountain Home Arkansas.  This year is the 22nd year for this event.  It will be held March 28th, 29th and 30th.  Enjoy over 100 fly tiers and fly fishing seminars. There will also be fly...

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Gaines Has Been Making Fly Fishing Poppers Since 1946

The Gaines Company Has Been Making Fly Fishing Poppers Since 1946. BreamBugs salutes the Gaines Company for it dedication to fly fishers.  Not only does Gaines make excellent products, THEY ARE ALL MADE IN THE USA!  BreamBugs features 57 different styles of Gaines...

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Fly Fishing for Crappie

"The best reason for using a fly rod in the pursuit of crappie is that it's more fun."  A quote from Terry and Roxanne Wilson's book, "Crappie Fly Fishing".  This book is available on the BreamBugs website under Accessories.  BreamBugs also offers an excellent Crappie...

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