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The Ligon Bream Killer Fly is an ageless old classic wet fly for fly fishing for either bluegill or bass.  It’s been around forever it seems. You should always have several of these in your fly box. Here is why they are in such demand.

As one of the most popular underwater flies for fly fishers, it is the number one best-selling fly on the BreamBugs website. It is made of soft chenille and topped with a tuft of squirrel tail hair to allow bubbles to form in the hair allowing the fly to sink very slowly. It also has eight white rubber legs, each leg one- and one-half inches long. Watch our video to see the action of the fly in the water. The rubber legs create lots of action when the fly line is stripped. Even though black is the most popular color the Ligon Bream Killer also comes in the colors brown, white, yellow, green, and chartreuse.  They are also available in hook sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.  For instructions on how to fish the Ligon Bream Killers send us an email, to, in the subject line type “How to fish the Ligon Bream Killer”.  We will send it to you as an attachment to your email address.

Ligon Bream Killer Sizes

The Bream Killer can be fished alone or with the Popper/Dropper Rig.

When using the Ligon Bream Killer on a Popper/Dropper Rig we suggest using at least a popper with a hook size 6, size 4
may even be better. This will prevent the Bream Killer from pulling the popper too low in the water. By the way, the popper becomes your strike indicator as well as the fact that it can catch fish, too. Is not unusual to catch two fish on the same cast when using the Popper/Dropper Rig.

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12 reviews for Ligon Bream Killer Fly

  1. Harold

    I have been using the Ligon bream killer far a nunber of years. It's my favorite rig for bream fishing, tied on behind a bream master 509 OBO ORANGE. I used to be able to get these at my local Walmart. I caint find them in any tackle shop in or near Lake Charles LoUiSiAna. Now down to my last one. 🙁


    i love bream fishing and cant wait every yr to get started. i discovered the ligon bream killer about 10 yrs ago and have not used any live bait since.

  3. Ryan

    Found the big gills doing their monthly moondance in the underwater crop circles at my private farm pond today. The Bream Killers I just got in the mail from your site last week did the trick. The largest were a 13" 2lb bluegill and a 14" 2lb3oz shellcracker. Can't wait til the next full moon. Thanks BreamBugs for a hard-to-find product and the great customer service!

  4. Angelo Mastrando

    I order 3 figuring I would nail a lot bream was I wrong. I had these spiders now for a year I manage to catch zero bream. But….Since it’s pretty big I have caught a few nice 2-3lb Bass.

  5. john leonard

    Don’t know if anyone has tried this, but take this bream killer, tie it onto the end of an ultralight rod an reel, attach a small plastic bobber. The cork will give it enough weight to cast. Sit back and enjoy. In my pond in Louisiana they’ll kill it.

  6. Bill

    What a great fly! I caught everythig on it from 2″ bream to 3lb largemouth. I love the way it moves in the water. The rubber legs give it great action, just on the drop or stripping it. Can’t wait to go out again. I want to try it on smallmouth.

  7. jay

    bought some of these in black and chartreuse and they are awesome. I have caught hundreds of panfish and quite few bass as well. They are tied well and hold together nicely. When i get low on my supply i will be reordering.

  8. woody rester

    I’ve been using that 211-B , black, brown and now chartreuse..for many years now…the only bream fishing fly I will ever use. These wet flies are leathal near beds in the May first full moon time frame. They average 20-30 bream per fly, by then, the fly looks like it has been in a hurricane, lol! Best fly I have EVER used. Woody Rester, Jackson Al.

  9. Jack

    I have been using this fly for years, never has failed me. I learned if you take the legs off, it sinks – and the bream can’t stand it! Get in a bed, top or sinking, you will catch bream or the occasional bass. Can’t say enough good things about this, I mainly use the black or brown, but, depending on the water, they all work well!

  10. brian (verified owner)

    3/26/2020 caught 2 4lb largemouth, lost a bigger one, and caught 18 bluegill. these things are awesome.

    • Don

      Thank you for your comments.

  11. Ryan R. (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of the best bluegill flies I have ever fished. Great quality as well. These will always have a place in my bream box. Hook size 8 and 10.

    • Don

      Thank you for your comments.

  12. Patrick Crochet

    I use a yellow dry fly on top trailing with a black wet fly on the bottom and catch two bream at a time. One fish tries to go one way while the other attempts to go the opposite way. Boy! What a fight they put up.p

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