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Let’s face it, spiders are considered creepy by a large majority of people around the world.  Yet when you ask them, most folks can’t really name what it is that’s creepy and what it is that freaks them out so much.  Usually, explanations about the creepiness start with the description of the spider’s beady little eyes, their fear of instilling fangs, potentially vicious bites, or the sinister wrapping of their prey in a silky web.  However, the spider’s creepy movement with their ugly legs is at the top of the “creepy” list.  People are fearful of having a spider walk on them with their strange and ugly legs.  Speaking of ugly legs, here is a quick science lesson.

Science Lesson.

Spiders have eight long, rangy segmented legs.  Each leg has seven segments.  People don’t like spiders but fish do!  When Pultz Poppers first introduced their first Spider Legs Popper, chartreuse, black, chartreuse it was an instant success both by fly fishers and the fish!  There is a good reason for the success.


The Spider Legs Popper is the same body style and color combination as the best-selling Pultz Little Fatty popper, chartreuse, black, chartreuse which is very similar to the old Missy Prissy popper once made by the Accardo Tackle Company.  Second, it has spider legs as an extra feature and the benefit is this, it catches fish!

Other Models.

While the chartreuse, black, chartreuse model is very popular, Pultz decided to add other models of the spider legs popper.  The first model introduced after the chartreuse, black, chartreuse was the Little Fatty, white, black, white Spider Legs.  Following that model Pultz added the Spider Legs GLOW, yes it glows in the dark.  The next introduction was the Spider Legs Black.  To add some flare the Red Butt Spider Legs was born.  This design is based on the number one best-selling fly on our website, the Ligon Bream Killer black with the addition of a bit of red chenille on the butt end and of course the spider legs.  All are proudly made in the USA.

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2 reviews for Pultz Spider Legs Popper Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse

  1. Carson LeBoeuf

    Great looking little popper, and an absolute killer on bluegill and bass. Cast near shore and give it a little twitch, and “BAM”!

  2. Joe Johnson (verified owner)

    Used a Pultz CBC no6 spider legs today. I fish a lot of “blackwater” here in SENC. Fish ate it like crazy, it never got waterlogged, and the legs hardly ever get fouled. Been fishing popping bugs for more than 50 yrs now and these bugs are the best i’ve ever used. Also these never land up-side down & line twist is minimum considering plenty of 40′ casts! Thanks Mr. Pultz & BreamBugs.com

    • Don

      Thank you for the feed back.

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