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Chartreuse body, chartreuse legs, black hackle, chartreuse tail.  Use this noisy, cupped face BooglePopper Solar Flare made by BoogleBug to provoke aggressive strikes for explosive top-water action.  Available in hook sizes 4, 6 and 8.  BooglePopper Solar Flare is a very attractive well designed and very durable bass and panfish bug.  These bugs are used by knowledgeable warm water fly fishing anglers to provoke aggressive top water feeding by their finned adversaries.  This is one tough, good looking bug that will catch lots of bass and bream for fun or food.  BooglePopper Solar Flare not only catches fish but it also features premium cork bodies and a resilient polymer finish for long lasting durability.  It has a super sharp Mustad Signature hook and precision graphic detail.  Give BooglePopper Solar Flare a try and see how many fish you can catch on a single bug.  The BoogleBug company strives for quality and guarantees your satisfaction with their products.  They also make the BoogleBullet and the AmnesiaBug.  If the BoogleBug Solar Flare does not catch fish, send it back for a full refund.

How did BoogleBug come up with the design for their lures?

A few years ago the owners of BoogleBug were searching for some durable bass bugs and panfish bugs for their own warm water fly fishing.  They wanted to find bugs like they had gotten from Bob Guess, maker of the Ultimate Poppers.  They were also looking for a good business opportunity at the same time.  After extensive research and product development they then began looking for skilled craftsmen to make the BooglePopper  Solar Flare to their specifications.  They were able to find those craftsmen, thus BoogleBug was started.   Try some of their BooglePopper Solar Flare bugs or any of their 23 other bugs and experience the results of their expertise.  By the way, you will appreciate the clog free hook eyes.

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5 reviews for BooglePopper Solar Flare

  1. Scott Vandeway

    Boogle bugs are the very best poppers you can buy. They pop well, sit with the hook low in the water, & will outlast any other brand. $20 worth should last the season.

  2. Scott vandeweghe

    I cannot say enough about booglebugs. The float perfectly, last a season or more and always catch fish. They are they best bugs money can buy, the best value out there.

  3. Kip Wasson

    This popper was and is the fastest fish catching popper I have ever used. I tried all the other colors in my cache of poppers and this one bug produced the most strikes and fish to include hugh bluegills, large and small mouth bass. I was truly amazed, then I lost it! The white one just the same size #6 didn’t produce as well. My order will include many more in the solar flare color!

  4. Matt H

    They don’t look much different than other poppers and they don’t act different either. But they are well made and hold up a long time. I have several that have seen a thousand fish each. Cheap poppers fall apart.

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    First review here. Wow. Lasted all season. Caught lots of bluegill (even on the larger size) and both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Easy to set the hook, missed very few stikes. Ordering more.

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