Pultz Rollie Pollie Bug, Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse




This bug was developed by Neal Pultz of Pultz Poppers.  It is a round chartreuse body with a flat bottom, black hackle and chartreuse tail, and yellow rubber legs.  It has large and wild-looking eyes and two bright red dots on its bottom.  Why are the bright red spots important?  The theory is this, when predatory fish see red to them it means blood, blood means injured prey, and injured prey means an easy meal.  Makes sense to me.   The Rollie Pollie is very similar to the Round Dinny.  On a Mustad Needlepoint CK52S #8 hook.  As with all Pultz Poppers, it is made with quality material and outstanding craftsmanship.  The angle of the hook assures more catches.  The Rollie Pollie floats correctly, too. Proudly made in the USA.  Clean hook eyelets.  It catches FISH!  Made in the USA.

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