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The very successful Bea Bea Bug’s Bad Boy series has led to a new Popper from the developers of Bea Bea Bug’s.  It is a well designed Popper made from the root of the Tupelo Tree.  Floats perfectly and performs well on the water.  Chartruese body, black hackle, chartreuse tail with three red dots on its bottom.  Has a concave face to produce the “POP”.   Made in the USA.  Perfect for fly fishing for pan fish and bass.


The bodies of all of the Bea Bea Bad Boys and Bea’s Poppers are made from the root of the Tupelo tree. This is an excellent and unique alternative to cork, balsa, or foam. The Tupelo tree is a striking pyramidal tree in its youth with a typical straight trunk. The roots are often exposed and provide a good source for Bea’s products. Bea Bea Bugs make two different body shapes, the first having a round nose and is called Bea Bea Bad Boy. Not designed as a popper it is still deadly on bluegill.

Other Models

There are eleven different models to choose from. The most popular model is Bea Bea Boy #15 which has a chartreuse body, black hackle, chartreuse tail and eight chartreuse rubber legs. Available in hook sizes 8 and 10. The second model, called Bea’s Popper, has a body shape with a concave face which creates a “pop” sound when the fly line is stripped. This popper has a chartreuse body, black hackle, chartreuse tail, and chartreuse rubber legs.

Similar Poppers

In addition to the Bea Bea Bad Boy and Bea’s Poppers Bea Bea Bugs also makes three fly fishing lures in “glow in the dark” models. The Bea’s Glow Popper is available in hook sizes 8, 10 and 12. Another glow product is their Double Hook Glow Popper.  This popper has the unique feature of having two number eight hooks to better insure a catch. And finally, the Nuclear Mouse. It looks like a mouse from a nuclear plant! Available in hook size four this is perfect for bass. As cork becomes more expensive and scarce the root of the Tupelo tree becomes more attractive and is certainly more plentiful and inexpensive. The benefits of this alternative are numerous and include the fact that the wood is very hard and yet very buoyant. It holds the paint well and floats correctly, and it catches fish!

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3 reviews for Bea’s Popper #15

  1. Kevan Bartlett

    Since the “death” of the Miss Prissy, this bug has been my go-to popper for big bluegill and bass. For me the size 8 works a little better. It floats high in the water and has good durability.

  2. Robert

    Best all around popper there is. I have been using the Bea Popper since I was a kid. I have tried others, but always seem to come back.

  3. mark

    Great value, they last forever, and catch fish

    • Don

      Thank you for your comments.

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