Bea Bea Bad Boy # 18

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The Bea Bea Bad Boy # 18 has a chartreuse body with a fish scale finish, chartreuse rubber legs, black hackle, chartreuse tail, and three red dots on its belly.  The body of the bug is made from the root of the Tupelo tree.   Made in the USA.  Perfect for fly fishing for pan fish and bass.

Hook size 8 or 10

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2 reviews for Bea Bea Bad Boy # 18

  1. Kurt

    I “found” Bea Bea Bugs while fishing in the Florida panhandle five years ago. These are the best made I’ve found in 50 yrs of bream fishing. They last so long it’s like they become friends, and when I do wear them down, I put them in a Jack Daniels shot glass in the kitchen window to bring a smile to my face on cold winter’s days! Thanks for stocking them!

  2. mark

    best bugs ever made, catches fish and never wears out,

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