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BreamBugs.com, your online source for fly fishing lures. Bass, bluegill and bream poppers, pan fish lures, crappie flies, saltwater flies, trout flies, BooglePoppers, BoogleBullets, AmnesiaBugs, Chris Weber's Brack N Brine Poppers, Walt Cary's Poppers, Neal Pultz Bass Poppers, Bea Bea bluegill and bream Bugs, Peck's Bass Poppers by Pultz, Gaines Poppers and Ligon Bream Killers.  BreamBugs has the largest and most complete selection of bluegill, bream and bass poppers on the Internet. Top water fly fishing lures for bass, bluegill and bream made by professional lure makers from cork, balsa, foam and the root of the Tupelo tree (Bea Bea Bugs), all are proven fish catching lures.  We also feature the Sight Casting System/Stripping Bucket from Samurai Fly Shop. BreamBugs.com is a small family owned and operated business. When you order online with us, we guarantee that your personal information is kept private and secure. In addition, our products are 100% refundable. We are pleased to represent USA fly tyers and companies. May we help you? 1-800-513-7041 between 9AM and 6PMCDT Monday - Friday

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The best days to fish, from Rick Taylor's Prime Times, http://www.primetimes2.com  March 1, 2, 17, 24, 30, 31 .

"Samurai" Fly Shop

Best practices and tackle to make good SUP and kayak fly casters, better!

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