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Do Red Dots On The Bottom Of A Popper Help Catch Fish?

Good question! Apparently, E. H. Peckinpaugh did when he started making poppers back in the twenties and thirties, with with Peck's Lures. As well as Tony Accardo of the old Accardo Tackle Company. These red dots are sometimes referred to as "blood dots." They are...

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Big Bass Are Feeding For The Winter!

As winter approaches, the bass are fattening up. Go give them a bite to eat. The Pultz Popper called "Pultz Camo Frog Regular Hook" 1/0 is at a limited time special price, $3.00 each!  This special price will only last until they are all sold. Take advantage of...

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New Popper/Dropper Rig – 10Lb Test

BreamBugs has developed a new version of the Popper/Dropper Rig.  At the request of customers we now have the Popper/Dropper Rig with 10 Lb test leader.  There are many advantages of the 10lb test. First, the stiffer leader keeps the two flies from getting tangled....

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Bugs For Sale . . . Yes, We Have Bugs For Sale

BreamBugs currently has lots of "Bugs" for sale.  Our inventory consists of over 600 different styles, colors and hook sizes to choose from.  We have the largest selection of warm water bluegill and bass poppers and flies on the Internet.  See all of them...

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Walt Cary’s “Clean UP” Assortment.

Walt Cary is limiting his production. While "cleaning up" his fly tying workshop he found a variety of hook size #6 poppers.  This "clean up" assortment contains 9 poppers of various designs, all hook size #6, for only $25.00.  This is a one time event sale. When we...

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Here Are Four New and Exciting Bugs From BreamBugs..

BreamBugs is pleased to introduce four new bugs produced by Tipps Flies. Lee Tipps makes nothing but quality fly fishing flies, poppers and sliders. BreamBugs carries Tipps Chartreuse Poppers and Sliders. As well as the popular Tipps Green Tiger Popper and Slider. All...

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