Wilson’s Bully’s Bluegill Spider – Chartreuse

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Hook Size available in 10 or 12.  Please be sure to select the hook size you want before placing your order.


Chartreuse Bully’s Bluegill Spider tied by Terry Wilson for bluegill fly fishing.  There are many imitations but this is the original.  This fly sinks at a 45-degree angle for best hook sets.

Have you ever heard the term, “Bully for you”?  That phrase means “Good for you”.  How about “Bully for bluegill”?  Terry and Roxanne Wilson created the Bully’s Bluegill Spider for bluegill fly fishing, and, by the way, it is good for bass, too.  Their original fly pattern initially tied in 1968 was inspired by watching a cane pole fisherman dunk live crickets beside a weed bed to catch big bluegills.  The leg gyrations, clearly visible as the cricket descended, appeared to trigger the fish’s interest.  Finally, after many sessions of dropping weighted versions into a swimming pool while the other of them viewed the descent from the bluegill’s perspective, they were convinced that the sink rate and angle were correct.  Designed to be effective on the vertical drop as well as when retrieved, they took it to local water for the fish’s approval.  It was an immediate success, and all these years later it remains the most consistently producing fly in their line.  Available in several colors and styles it truly is a winner.

Colors and Styles Available

Here is a list of the colors and styles: chartreuse, black, brown, pink, olive, white, and yellow all available in hook sizes 10 and 12.  They also make one they call Cajun Bully which is black with a red dot on its butt, available in hook size 10 only, plus one called Bumble Bully, black with yellow stripes, available in hook size 10 only.  For Crappie they have the Crappie Bully with a red head and silver body available in hook sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12.  The simple design presents a sharp silhouette with built-in action that bluegills desire.  It’s tied with a .020 lead wire that makes it sink at a 45-degree angle to activate the rubber legs. The presentation of this fly is easy and bluegills love it

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7 reviews for Wilson’s Bully’s Bluegill Spider – Chartreuse

  1. Hays Wright

    Absolutely wore the gills out this weekend with this fly. Great product

  2. Terry Wilson (verified owner)

    Absolutely, bar none, the best big bluegill wet fly I have ever used in the past 30 years. Never experienced anything like it. Green with size 12 hook. I like his size 10 hooks on other Terry in South West Georgia, fishing the Flint River.

  3. Terry Wilson

    First, I am not THE Terry Wilson who ties these flys. I am proud he has my name though, as his green Bully Spider wet fly is bar none the best wet fly I have ever used. Especially for catching larger bluegills and other bream. I can’t brag enough on this lure. Simply the best. I ain’t kidding ether.

  4. thereelg (verified owner)

    I found this website and then I found this fly. I ordered 2 of them. Lost them both in the same weekend. I went home and ordered 6 more. Why do you ask? Because it is the bluegill and crappie slayer of pan fish flies. It works that good. I could see my victims, I mean water friends. The fish would just go crazy for it. I think it is all in the slow sinking action. The folks above are right, it is the best.

  5. TERRY Wilson (verified owner)

    After 4 years of using the Bully Spider, I remain convinced this is the best fly ever tied, for bluegills.

  6. Stephen Scott

    If there is a bluegill where you are fishing, they will hit this great fly. I have them in all colors. Use about a section of 6 lb test of florocarbon and let it sink slow, look out!

  7. Terry Wilson (Not “The TW) (verified owner)

    I’ve been fishing the Wilson Bully Spider for over the years. I’ve posted reviews 2014 & 2019. I love the Bully Spider. Especially in chartreuse. If you are serious about bluegills, this is the best fly. I took my 19 yr old granddaughter out on the river for her first experience with a fly rod. Being that she is a natural quick learner, within 2 hrs we motored home. She caught 12 keepers, me nine. All on Chartreuse Bully Spiders. Now she is addicted. She wants to go tomorrow morning. What can a papa do?
    PS: Doing business with Breambugs.com and Don Davis, is a pleasure. When I purchase from him, I consider it “buying local.”

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