Pultz Little Fatty Popper Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse

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You should have a couple of these poppers in your tackle box at all times for bass and bluegill and here is the reason why.  The Little Fatty Popper Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse from Pultz Poppers is very similar to the Accardo Miss Prissy CBC which is no longer available. Some of our experienced fly-fishing customers tell us the Little Fatty CBC is even better than the old Miss Prissy.  This popper is now our #2 best-selling bug on the BreamBugs site, the Ligon Bream Killer, black, hook size 8 is still number one and is ideal for bluegill and bass fly fishing.  It was designed by renowned lure designer Neal Pultz of Pultz Poppers.  The body of the Little Fatty is chartreuse with black splatter paint, a black hackle, a chartreuse tail, and eight white rubber legs.  It floats correctly ensuring more catches per strike.  The Little Fatty has a bright red spot on its bottom.  Why is the red spot important?  The theory is this, when predatory fish see red to them it means blood, blood means an injured prey and an injured prey is an easy meal.  Makes sense to me.  Use hook size 6 or 4 as the “Popper” on the Popper/Dropper rig, it works wonders with our #1 best-selling fly, the Ligon Bream Killer black, as the “Dropper”.     Made in the USA.  One of Uncle Don’s favorites.

The popper is very similar to the Accardo Miss Prissy CBC which is unavailable.


Some of our most experienced fly fishers tell us that the Little Fatty created by the Pultz Popper Company performs even better than the original Miss Prissy.  The paint on the Little Fatty is durable and will withstand a lot of fish-catching action.  Three bright red dots on the cork body belly act as strike points to cause an aggressive strike by both bass and bluegill.  The body of Little Fatty has eight enticing white rubber legs to add action to the popper.  It also is creatively shaped allowing the popper to float correctly thus ensuring more catches per strike.  Using the Little Fatty in hook size 4 or 6 as the popper on an 8 lb test Popper/Dropper Rig with a black Ligon Bream Killer makes this a deadly combination.  With this set up you have the advantage of having a topwater popper and a sinking fly on the same rig.  The Miskito Coast Popper/Dropper Rig can be found on the BreamBugs website under “Popper/Dropers”.

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5 reviews for Pultz Little Fatty Popper Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse

  1. booker (verified owner)

    great popper !!! caught both Bass and BGs on size 8 and 10.

  2. moodybt94

    Works great!!! It’s thuhdersrorming today and I have landed two nice large mouths!!

  3. Terry Wilson (verified owner)

    Nice high quality dry fly. Fished it for the first time last week, and the bream couldn’t resist. I mainly fish wet flies, but I sure had fun with this popper, ’cause the wet flies were not producing.

  4. Allen Sperry (verified owner)

    Best popper ever,as someone who fishes mainly poppers let me say these out fish all others I have used in the past.
    Gills can’t resist, also caught bass and shellcracker.

    • Don

      Thank you.

  5. Joseph (verified owner)

    These lures have traveled with me from Alabama Bluegills and Largemouth Bass to Washington St. Cutthroat trout and Rainbow Trout. I don’t know why these work so well… but they do.

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