Amnesia Bug – Solar Flare

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Chartreuse body, chartreuse legs, black hackle, chartreuse tail, flat nose, no indentation, it makes a small ripple when the line is smoothly stripped.  Great for bluegill and bass fly fishing.

Please make sure you select the hook size you want before you place your order.

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Bass, Bluegill

6 reviews for Amnesia Bug – Solar Flare

  1. Wayne Stowers

    Well, you CAN wear out these flies- my solar flare Amnesia bug caught at least 40 bream, crappie and small bass today, and it is chewed up. I’m loading up on these before they are made illegal!

  2. Don Prater

    I am a true believer in the Boogle Bugs Amnesia,they are named very appropiately. The slabs forget there own wary defense when attacking the Amnesia Boogle fly’s. In fact If you decide to try these (Amnesia Boogle Bugs,) Let me make a suggestion, you might want to take a insurance policy out on them. Because them bluegills are going too kill’em…Don. P

  3. Stephen Scott

    this is another of the great flys that is made by booglebugs great performer

  4. Stuart Roberts

    Everyone has favorite flies. The last year I’ve caught the majority of my fish on a size 8 or 10 Solar Flare Anemia Bug. Yes Boogle Bugs cost more but they work and are well made. A bonus is the Solar Flare color is easy for fishermen and fish to see.

  5. Jeffrey C Sharpe (verified owner)

    With this fly I have caught significantly more bream, bass and even some sac-au-lait (crappie) than with any other fly I have ever tied on. I strongly suggest the SolarFlare color and a #10 hook. Yeah, it’s pricey, but it is extremely well made and will continue to catch fish long after you’ve thrown away those $3 dollar bugs. If you haven’t tried one, do yourself a favor and tie one on! WELL worth the price. Now Geaux Fishin….!!!

  6. booker

    this popper is my go to for BGs, and LMBs in size 10. i had 1 BG hit this popper so hard , the fish jumped ateast 2 ft out of the water. thought it was a LMB !!!

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