The Purple Cow Bug

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In 2003 Seth Godin wrote the first edition of his book, “Purple Cow”.  The premise of the book is based on his theory that if you are marketing a product your product must be so different that it’s like a purple cow in a herd of white cows.  Here is a quote from Seth Godin, “as consumers, we are too busy to pay attention to advertising, but we’re desperate to find good stuff that solves our problem”.  The Purple Cow Bug does that, it catches fish!  Please note, I have read Seth’s book but I did not name the bug after the book title.

Naming The Bug.

I named the bug after observing bluegill trying to catch the flies buzzing around the cows while they stood in the water cooling themselves in a farm pond.  After observing this, as I was fly fishing in another part of the pond, one of the flies lit on me and I was able to catch it.  I noticed that the fly had translucent wings with a purple hue.  That’s when I decided to have Pultz Poppers make a purple bug for BreamBugs, thus the name, the Purple Cow Bug.  It’s a good imitation of the ugly flies, try it, you will like the results.


Purple body, black hackle and purple Marabou feather tail, white legs, and wild eyes, and a bull’s eye on the belly so the fish can zero in on it.  Handcrafted using a Mustad Needlepoint CK52S hook.  It is similar to the old Round Dinny bug once made by the Accardo Tackle Company.  Yes, our competition is offering a “purple cow bug”, however, the Purple Cow Bug from BreamBugs is the ORIGINAL!  For bluegill fly fishing.  Available in hook sizes 8 and 10 it comes to you with clean hook eyelets and ready-to-catch fish.  Proudly made in the USA.

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5 reviews for The Purple Cow Bug

  1. Kenneth Ronquille

    me and a buddy of mine went fishin and we we're usin white poppers at first, we caught a few but then da fish stopped bittin i put on da purple cow bug, and da results was "WOW" every time da fly hit da water i had a fish. it was da first time i used it. i recemend dis fly for anyone who likes to go out catch fish on almost every cast. P.S. i caught 35 on it in about 2 hours

  2. Angelo Mastrando

    This little guy is amazing, have been using them for 4months now and I have caught countless Bream and Bass. Just today tryed everything and no fish as soon as I tied him on they went crazy I finished the day with over 20+ Bream within the hour. Getting more of these, thanks breambugs

  3. Stephen Scott

    I endorse all previous comments.
    This thing catches fish.

  4. Stephen Scott

    It still catches fish, lay it out there and leave it alone, BAM!

  5. Sam Underwood

    One of the best poppers there is.

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