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We encourage our customers to submit a digital photo of fish caught while using flies purchased from BreamBugs. We will selectively include them on our site. Please include a short description with your image.
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2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament for Black Bass on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament

2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament

Aaron S., Memphis, TN, caught this 5 pound gar using a Pultz Camo Frog popper hook size 6.
John N. Customer Photos
This 10" Red Ear was caught by John N., Elk City, OK using the Purple Cow Bug. He caught over 20 bluegill, too, and is still using the same Popper.
Tom and Carol C. Customer Photos
Tom and Carol C. Glendive, MT sent this photo of Carol and the bluegill she caught using a BooglePopper and a re-built South Bend 290 fly rod.
Caught by Bill S., Halls, TN Customer Photos
Caught by Bill S., Halls, TN using a green Ligon Bream Killer.
Anthony P. Customer Photos
Anthony P., Valparaiso, IN caught this nice bass on a 3 wt rod using a Wilson's chartreuse Bully Bluegill Spider.
Neal Pultz, developer of the Bluegill and Crappie Spoon, caught this beauty plus numerous others on the Silver Spoon.
John S.
John S., Edinboro, PA used the BooglePopper Blue Damsel with great success while fly fishing for bass.
Nate Issac
Nate Issac hit a rare panfish Grand Slam. Using a Bar Nun #88-10 he caught 27 panfish including warmouth, bluegill, shellcracker and stump knocker.
Caught by Jon outside Medina TX using a Solar Flare BooglePopper. Follow Jon at: Instagram@bluegillonthefly

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