Customer Photos

We encourage our customers to submit a digital photo of fish caught while using flies purchased from BreamBugs. We will selectively include them on our site. Please include a short description with your image.
Submit images to: [email protected].

2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament for Black Bass on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.
2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament

2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Fly Fishing Tournament

John F Customer Photos
John F., wore this Purple Cow Bug out catching Copperheads, Shellcrackers and Redbreasts while fishing on the St. Johns River in Florida.
Greg C Customer Photos
Greg C. in a central Florida lake using the Pultz Spider Legs Popper CBC hook size 10."
Tommy C Customer Photos
This big bass was caught by Tommy C., Glendive, MT, using a Little Fatty popper #8 hook. Nice catch on a #8 hook.
Ken G. Customer Photos
Ken G., Fort Madison IA caught these fish using the Ligon Bream Killer.
Greg C Customer Photos
Greg C., Silver Springs, FL caught 25 of these beauties using a Brack N Brine Willow Bug, Black over Chartreuse.
Marty L Customer Photos
This 5 1/2 pound bass was caught by Marty L., Pine Mountain GA, using a Pultz Little Fatty Popper White, Black, White #6 hook.
Dustin N Customer Photos
This bass was caught by Dustin N., Piedmont OK, using a Peck's Yellow, Black, Yellow popper by Pultz.
Mike K. Customer Photos
Mike K, Florida, caught this and several more like it using a Pultz Spider Legs CBC Popper.
Aaron S., Memphis, TN, caught this 5 pound gar using a Pultz Camo Frog popper hook size 6.

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