Miskito Coast 17 lb test Popper/Dropper Rig



The 17 lb test Miskito Coast Popper/Dropper rig is made using a fluorocarbon line.  This Popper/Dropper rig is 10 feet long, 17 lb test, and uses the Quick Change Snaps to make it easy to change flies without the burden of cutting the line and tying on a new fly.  The first  Quick Change Snap is tied to the end leader.  About 20 inches up the leader is the second Quick Change Snap.  Use a sinking fly on the end of the leader and a floating fly on the second Quick Change Snap.  Select a floating fly large enough to stay on the surface of the water without letting the sinking fly pull it under.  The floating fly also acts as a strike indicator. Excellent for saltwater fly fishing.  Works well on a 9 wt rod.


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