Miskito Coast Popper/Dropper Rig 8 lb Test


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The new Popper/Dropper rig is made using the same premium monofilament used in  our Miskito Coast All Purpose Leaders.  The Popper/Dropper rig is 10 feet long, 8 lb test (Why 8 lb test?  When you get two big fat bluegill on this rig at one time you will be happy its 8 lb test!), knotted leader using the popular Quick Change Snaps to make it easy to quickly change flies without the burden of tying the fly on and cutting the leader each time you make a change.  The first Quick Change Snap is tied on the end of the leader.  About 20″ up the leader is the second Quick Change Snap.  On the end Snap put on a sinking fly, we suggest the Ligon Bream Killer size 8, and on the other Snap put on a floating fly, we suggest something like a Rollie Pollie or BoogleBullet in hook size 4 or 6.  The floating fly becomes your strike indicator.  Don’t be surprised if you catch two fish at the same time, one on each fly.  Looking for a way to attach the leader to the fly line?  Check out our Quick Change Snaps and Cortland Slip On Leader Loop or our Fly Line Eyelets found in our “Accessories” section.


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