Fly fishing for bluegills is more fun if you catch them!  The Bluegill Assortment will help you catch more fish.  The Bluegill Assortment contains the following 12 high-quality bluegill-catching poppers and flies: one Bea’s Popper #15-8, one Bea’s Popper #20-8, one Bea Bea Bad Boy #5-8, one Bea Bea Bad Boy #13-8, one BeetleBug Frawg, hook size 8, one Black and Red Gnat, hook size 8, one Ligon Bream Killer, black, hook size 8, one Ligon Bream Killer, chartreuse, hook size 8, one Pultz Little Fatty, CBC, hook size 8, one Hopper, yellow, hook size 10, one Conrad’s Wide Body Spider, black, hook size 8, and one Wilson’s Bully Spider, chartreuse, hook size 10.  All 12 lures are packaged in a reusable, foam-lined, Pacific Fly Box.  See all of our fish-catching assortments at our online store.

Bluegill Assortment

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