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If you are looking for a “starter” assortment of bluegill poppers the Pultz Popper Starter Assortment is an excellent place to “start”.  The assortment contains five of Pultz best selling poppers.  One each of the following;

  • One Little Fatty chartreuse, black, chartreuse in hook size 8, which is made on the same pattern as the now-gone Accardo Miss Prissy CBC
  • One Little Fatty Frog, hook size 8, well made, performs the way a popper should.
  • One Rollie Pollie Orange and Black hook size 8.  The Rollie Pollie bugs are very similar to the old, but no longer available, Accardo Round Dinny.
  • One Bream Candy Frog, hook size 8, which will definitely get the attention of both bluegill and bass.
  • One Purple Cow Bug hook size 8.  Developed by Neal Pultz to replace the old, but not available, Accardo Round Dinny.
  • All this is packaged in a Redington Double-sided reusable fly and popper box.
  • Makes a great gift item.



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