BreamBugs Top 5 Assortment of 2023





We are frequently asked, “What are the top-selling bugs on the BreamBugs website?”  Here are the top five best-selling bugs on the BreamBugs website for 2023 in an assortment all contained in a Redington Double-Sided Fly and Popper Box.  The box is waterproof and made of durable impact-resistant plastic with a slotted foam insert.

  1. The long-standing age-old Ligon Bream Killer black, hook sizes 8.
  2. Then the ever-popular Pultz Little Fatty Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse, hook size 8.
  3. Our durable and dependable fish catcher, Pultz Spider Legs, Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse, hook size 8.
  4. Pultz Bluegill Special Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse, hook size 8.
  5. Last but not least Bea’s Popper, #15, Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse, made from the root of the Tupelo Tree, hook size 8.

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