This new video lets us see what a top water popper looks like to the fish.  There are six popular poppers shown in the video.  First is the BooglePopper, Solar Flare, hook size 4.  Second is the Bea’s Popper #15 in hook size 8.  Number three is the most popular popper on the BreamBugs web site, the Pultz Little Fatty, chartreuse, black, chartreuse in hook size 8.  Number four is the Pultz Wildcat, white, black, white, hook size 8.  Number five is the Walt Cary Fire Tiger, hook size 8.  Number six is the All-Yellow Peck’s Popper #7003YH, hook size 4.  See all of our poppers at:

BooglePopper Solar Flare


Bea’s Popper #15


Pultz Little Fatty Popper Chartreuse, Black, Chartreuse


Pultz Wildcat White, Black, White


Walt Cary’s Trout Popping Bugs Assortmen


Peck’s All Yellow Popper by Pultz #7003 YH