Peck's Poppers

Peck's Poppers were originated by E. H. Peckinpaugh and commercial manufacture of the poppers began in 1920.  Mr. Peckinpaugh developed his poppers to attract game fish by the action they create and there unique appearance.  E.H. Peckinpaugh passed away in 1952.  His son, John, sold the company to  Accardo Tackle Company in Baton Rouge, LA.  Unfortunately Accardo Tackle Company is out of business.   Cast it, let it settle then twitch the rod tip a couple of times . . . if there is a bass nearby it will hit the Popper and hit it hard.   For a copy of an interesting article about Peck's Popper history send me an email with your mailing address and ask for a copy of, "Great Old Warmwater Patterns" by Terry and Roxanne Wilson.




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