Upside Down Bream Killer – Natural Tan

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Yes, the hook is up in the “Upside Down Bream Killer”. Designed...



Yes, the hook is up in the  “Upside Down Bream Killer”. Designed by Glen Davis for bluegill fly fishing. You can cast this fly into the weeds and brush.  Let it sink to the bottom and drag it slowly on the bottom where the big ones are.  The hook rides up and the hackle and streamers act as weed guards. Bead eyes, black and white squirrel tail hair hackle and black and white wood duck flank feathers tail with white rubber legs this fly attracts lots of attention for bluegill, crappie and bass, Uncle Don can vouch for that, he tested it before he allowed it on the BreamBugs site.  Be one of the first to catch fish with this creative new fly.  Tied on Eagle Claw Aberdeen hooks.  Made in the USA.

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    Oh mann this is a killer fly(no pun intended)I just used it the other day on my favorite lake. I caught bass and bream . This fly did everything you said it weould, plus I did not snag it on anything and I am terrible caster when it comes to a weighted fly, best of all it is not that heavy.Great job uncle Don your tops and DFrazier is a excellent fly tier I can use the fly again it is a the same it was when I got it.The black w/orange works too

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    I recently fished a 6 natural tan on a small creek in North Alabama on a short 4 weight with great success. It proved to be a killer on bream and a few nice smallmouth. I really appreciated the fact that it didn't hang up when I let it fall to the bottom. I look forward to trying out the other colors.

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    My first time using the “Upside Down Bream Killer” and I caught bream, large mouth bass, and a catfish over 5 pounds. If you are looking for one fly to catch anything in the water, this should be at the top of your list.

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