Upside Down Bream Killer – Chartreuse

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Yes, the hook is up in the improved “Upside Down Bream Killer”. Designed by Glen Davis for bluegill fly fishing. You can cast this fly into the weeds and brush.  Let it sink to the bottom and drag it slowly to the bottom where the big ones are.  The hook rides up and the hackle and streamers act as weed guards. Bead eyes, black and white squirrel tail hair hackle, and black and white wood duck flank feathers tail with chartreuse body and chartreuse rubber legs this fly attracts lots of attention from bluegill, crappie, and bass, Uncle Don can vouch for that, he tested it before he allowed it on the BreamBugs site. Tied on a size 8 Eagle Claw Aberdeen hook.  Made in the USA.

Hook size: 8

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2 reviews for Upside Down Bream Killer – Chartreuse

  1. morris lee

    tried this new for me bluegill bug for the 1st time this past friday. water temp 54. of the 15 large gills i kept………..10 were caught on the upside down bug. i like…… but most important….so did the gills!

  2. Paul Nichols (verified owner)

    I have fished this fly frequently, and after using it to catch a ton of bream I would best describe it as a BREAM MAGNET! It is small enough to cast well even on my three weight glass outfit, and is easy to work at a variety of depths, sinking at a very modest rate. The hook rides up, so it’s easy to fish around structure with not too many hang-ups. The fish really like this fly. I do too, it is now one of my very favorites (oh yeah, catches bass too!).

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