Dead Head Striper Bass Poppers


Experience the thrill of Striper Bass fly fishing with Pultz Poppers’ Dead Head Striper Bass Poppers.


For Striper Bass fly fishing Pultz Poppers introduces their Dead Head Striper Bass Poppers.  It is “deadly” on Striper Bass.  Tied on a 3/0 stainless steel hook allows its use in fresh or salt water.  It is 5 inches long from tip to tail.  It has a monofilament loop to prevent the tail from tangling with the hook.  It has a slanted and indented face to create an erratic motion on the surface of the water.  To attract even more attention it also rattles and has a bright red synthetic hackle belly for more attention.  Available in chartreuse and black, black and white, grey and black, and blue and white.  Excellent for largemouth bass, Black Bass, and Peacock Bass, too.
Hook size 3/0 only.

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