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The Little Fatty Black popper is designed to look and act like the old and very popular fish catcher Miss Prissy, originally produced by Tony Accardo of the Accardo Tackle Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Unfortunately, they are out of business.  The old Miss Prissy was the number one best-selling top water popper produced by Accardo.  It truly is a “popper” as its specifically designed indented face allows the fly fisher to create a popping sound by stripping the fly line.  Now you can have the same popper action with Little Fatty.  You should always have a couple of these in your fly box.  There are 12 different models to choose from.  Every colorful model is a proven fish catcher.  The Little Fatty black is a top-selling popper on the BreamBugs website.


Some of our most experienced fly fishers tell us that the Little Fatty popper created by the Pultz Popper Company performs even better than the original Miss Prissy.  The paint on the Little Fatty is durable and will withstand a lot of fish-catching action.  Three bright red dots on the cork body belly act as “strike” points to cause an aggressive strike by both bluegill and bass.  The body of Little Fatty has eight white rubber legs to add action to the popper.  It also is creatively shaped allowing the popper to float correctly thus insuring more catches per strike.  Using the Little Fatty in hook size 4 or 6 as the popper on a Popper/Dropper Rig with a black Ligon Bream Killer as the dropper makes this a deadly combination.  With this set up you have the advantage of having a topwater popper and a sinking fly on the same rig.  The Popper/Dropper Rig can be found under Popper/Dropper Rigs on the BreamBugs website.  There are three different styles to choose from.

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