This pink beauty is the latest addition to our selection of carp flies.  It is called Carp Crepe and is tied on a number 6 hook.  Bright enough to be seen by carp even in murky water.  Spring is a great time for carp fly fishing.  Here are some of the carp flies we suggest: if they are feeding deep try the RIO Cray Cray, the Carp Crepe, the RIO Carp’n Crunch (chum the water with Cheetos before you fish this one) Pearsons Carp Carrot.  If they are feeding near the surface use the Mulberry Carp Fly or an unweighted Woolly Bugger.  Did you know you can use the Popper/Dropper Rig for carp?  Use an unweighted Woolly Bugger as the popper and a sinking fly as the dropper.  See all of our carp flies at

Carp Crepe