Are You Seeing Double?

Are You Seeing Double?

Yes!  A new innovative idea has been developed by Pultz Poppers, the double hook.  The new Pultz Black over Red Pencil Popper for Bass with the double hook is available now on the web site.  Perfect timing for the Fall when bass become very aggressive as they begin feeding for the winter.  Double your chances for a catch with the Pencil Popper with the double hook.  Try it.  See all of the bass flies and lures at

Pultz Black over Red Pencil Popper for bass 1/0


Articulated Hook Popper For Bass

The Pencil Popper Frog and the Pencil Popper Blue over Pearl both have a #2 stainless steel articulated hook that swings free as a trailer hook. Truly unique fly fishing popper from Pultz Poppers. See them both at