The lure on the left is the Clarabelle made by Bea Bea Bugs, available in hook sizes 6, 8, and 10. On the right is the Pultz Sneaky Pete, available in hook sizes 4, 6, and 8. Perfect for bluegill fly fishing.

Sneaky Pete



Clarabelle is a “Sneaky Pete” look-a-like.  It is slider shaped with a chartreuse body made of cypress knee wood with black hackle and a chartreuse tail.  Cypress is a very buoyant wood that holds the paint very well thus reducing the risk of cracking and chipping.  It floats correctly and has three red dots on it belly.

Pultz Sneaky Pete


The Pultz Sneaky Pete is made with the same excellent craftsmanship that all of Pultz’s products are made.  Very similar to the old Gaines Sneaky Pete. The Pultz Sneaky Pete has a chartreuse body, black hackle, and chartreuse tail with white rubber legs in the traditional Sneaky Pete bullet shape design.  Made in the USA.