Walt Cary’s Cricket Popper #75

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This one is Walt’s “Cricket”. Beautifully painted and a sure-fire bream getter. Be sure to select the hook size you want before you place your order.

Hook sizes 6 & 8.

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Walt Cary's Flies

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Bass, Bluegill

1 review for Walt Cary’s Cricket Popper #75

  1. M. Cook (verified owner)

    This one did real well for me this last week, a bit better than a chartreuse popper we also used. I was mostly using lures, but decided I wanted to at least catch one fish, and near dusk I caught 10 decent bluegills/pumpkinseeds in about 15 casts. Next time out I caught another 6 in about 20 minutes of usage, also late dusk.

    The problem I have with this lure is that during these two days these fish inhaled it, and it often got in deep in their mouth, and I couldn’t get it out. This was not a tiny popper, so when the whole popper is in the mouth, I cant get a thin pliers in there to grab the hook.

    Now my popper is mostly destroyed, no fault of its own, trying to get the hook out of the pan fishes’ mouths. I’ll have to get another, as this color is a nice alternative to all the chartreuse ones I bought.

    • Don

      Mr. Cook, you might want to use a larger size popper. Walt Cary makes the popper in size 6. Also, I suggest you try our unHOOKum tool to extract your flies. It does not destroy the paint on the popper, it snaps on to the hook.

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