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This handy gadget will help you remove hooks easier and it will also lessen the possibility of damaging your lures. It’s simple, quick, and easy to use and comes to you complete with instructions and a convenient lanyard to keep it ready for service. The stainless steel tip and comfortable grip handle make this an ideal tool for you and a great gift for your fishing pals.  The unHOOKum Tool is 6 1/2 inches long.  We guarantee you will like the unHOOKum Tool or we will give you your money back!

11 reviews for unHOOKum Tool

  1. kenneth ronquille

    dis tool is da greatest tool i have ever used. no matter how for down da fly is dis tool gets it out eveytime. it's fast and easy to use. if u don't have one of these ur gone to lose a lot of flies, cause if u use pliers ur gone to pull off leggs chip paint or have to cut ur line. but not with dis tool u just push and twist and ur fly is free and ready to catch more.

  2. Captain Mike

    Before I started using the Unhookum tool I used forceps for fly and hook removal, which crushed my cork/foam, knocked paint off and distorted the fly where it became ineffective to fish with. Personally it took unhooking a few fish with the Unhookum tool to get the hang of using it but I absolutely will not go fishing without this tool around my neck. For the catch and release angler this tool is a dream come true because no matter how far down a fish sucks your bug it can be extracted without damage to the fish or the fly, this tool is a must have for fly fisherman.

  3. Daryl

    I have bream fished my entire life and used every type of dehooking devise imaginable. When I tried this unhookum tool, it was simply amazing. Its easy, fast, simple and it works every time. Every bream fisherman must try this tool!!!

  4. Art Fitzgerald

    Received 2 Unhookum's Saturday. I am impressed with the packaging and quality.I went smallmouth fishing with my wife on Sunday and caught dozens of nice smallmouth and got to use Unhookum quite a few times. The tool works as promised. That is rare these days. We are very impressed with the service, quality and presentation. We owned a sporting camp in Maine for many years here in Maine and now guide folks on the rivers and they will get to see this tool in action.

    I received several Mr. Tuffy flies on Saturday. I fished with them on Sunday and caught dozens of nice Maine smallmouth bass. They absolutely LOVE this fly! As a Master Maine Guide, I've used many different flies on smallmouth over the years and this is by far the best!! Even after catching dozens of fish on the one fly, it still looks like showroom condition…very well made.

  5. YNPBehr

    I have been extremely pleased with the unhookem tool. I use a lot of bully bugs (barbless) and the gills seem to take em deep. I can "punch out" the bug without harm to the fish.

    I've also been using the tool for trout fishing. Just punch the fly loose.

    I think the word "punch" is key to using the tool. Line the tool up with the curve of the hook…right against the top of the fish's mouth and give it a quick "punch".

    I liked the tool well enough to buy a second tool for my trout vest and one for my bluegill mini chest pack.

  6. Your Name

    Absolutely the BEST tool for removing flies (especially those way down deep) from bluegills and bass. While $17.99 seems kind of expensive…the tool is well made and WELL WORTH the money.You’ll save the money in torn up flies in no time!
    (works much better than forceps)

  7. James

    Reviewed the video of the unHookem tool and was amazed how quick and easy it was.; What really impressed me is the deep throat removal. No more ripped up fish or bugs. You can return them to the water with out damage to the fish. I have not even bought one yet and I like it!

  8. Angelo Mastrando

    Had this tool for a Month now and it’s wonderful. It’s featherless and having a Lanyard attach to it makes it even faster to Unhookum. It’s the perfect size to slide right in place where the hook is and without damaging your hackle or fly (unlike forceps) even had a few deep hook sets but the Unhookum Tool did it perfect. This is truly a Fly fishers Dream Hook Removal

  9. James

    yes a great tool seems mine always disappears and have to order another every season, LOL

  10. Palmer Ramey

    I use it on trout, bluegill, and when crappie really inhale a small jig at the boat dock. I’ve also given one to my fishing buddy.

  11. Casey (verified owner)

    I have tried many hook removers and this is by far the best one I’ve ever used. Great design, easy to use and it works perfectly.

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