Bea’s Popper #18

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The very successful Bea Bea Bug’s Bad Boy series has led to a new Popper from...



The very successful Bea Bea Bug’s Bad Boy series has led to a new Popper from the developers of Bea Bea Bugs.  It is made from the root of the Tupelo Tree.  Floats perfectly and performs well on the water.  Chartreuse body, black hackle, chartreuse tail with a fish scale finish and yellow rubber legs.  Has a concave face to produce the “POP”.   Made in the USA.  Perfect for fly fishing for pan fish and bass.

Hook sizes 8 & 10

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    I grew up fishing w/ Accardo flies. When I had trouble getting the Accardo flies I wanted, I started looking around for other brands. After catching a few bass on this fly (#18-8), I’ve been fishing it consistently…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve bought no fewer than 50 of these flies. The bass love them. They’re a great size, cast easily, and look very natural on the surface of the water. The mouth area of the fly is hollowed out such that when worked properly, produces a “bloop” that the bass can’t resist. If you’re planning to fish topwater for bass, no need to look any further. I’ve caught several 4-5 pounders, many 3 pounders, and a ton of 1-2 pounders. I’ve also caught quite a few bream on this fly. Good luck & I hope you have as much fun fishing with this fly as I have.

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    I fish the Catawba river and the Bluegills can’t resist the Bea’s popper #18 plus the large mouth bass can’t resist it either.I go fishing and never come back without some bluegill or bass and hooked two large mouth bass this year that broke my 12 lb fishing line and got a glims of them and they were go. I love fly fishing and that is about all I do,because I always catch fish.

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