July 28, 2016
Received a shipment from  Bream Bugs, three of which were Boogle Poppers, Pearly White.
Fished Lake Graham near Jackson, TN  this past Sunday Morning.  Used only the Boogle Popper.
Fished an Eagle Claw 4/5 wt. Flyrod with 6 # tippet starting at 0530 quitting at 0930 when it got hot !!!!
Caught 19 Largemouth Bass(Big fish 2.2#), 2 nice Red Ears, 6 Bluegill and about 25/30 Warmouth Bass
just under hand size.  Released all of these fish. About 60 fish in four hours, Not a bad morning !!!!!
The epoxy finish on the fly held up really well, could hardly see any wear at all and the fish love them.
Now I love them also.!!!!!!!
By the way, a 2.2# Bass on light Fly Rod is a hand full !!!!
Thanks for making my day Sunday a really nice one !!!!