Ersley McLemore

July 28, 2016
Received a shipment from  Bream Bugs, three of which were Boogle Poppers, Pearly White.
Fished Lake Graham near Jackson, TN  this past Sunday Morning.  Used only the Boogle Popper.
Fished an Eagle Claw 4/5 wt. Flyrod with 6 # tippet starting at 0530 quitting at 0930 when it got hot !!!!
Caught 19 Largemouth Bass(Big fish 2.2#), 2 nice Red Ears, 6 Bluegill and about 25/30 Warmouth Bass
just under hand size.  Released all of these fish. About 60 fish in four hours, Not a bad morning !!!!!
The epoxy finish on the fly held up really well, could hardly see any wear at all and the fish love them.
Now I love them also.!!!!!!!
By the way, a 2.2# Bass on light Fly Rod is a hand full !!!!
Thanks for making my day Sunday a really nice one !!!!

July 28, 2016

Got the Popper/Dropper rig in the mail this morning……set up my heavier fly rod (7 weight forward on an older 8 foot Berkley Cherrywood Graphite). Couldn’t wait…hitched up the boat and headed to a small lake that has been fairly productive. Used a very plain yellow popper with black feather dressing as my indicator and a sinking bumble bee as the dropper. WHAT A HOOT!! Caught a fish on the dropper 2nd cast, not big but filletable. Several casts later I caught a 9 inch punkinseed on the dropper and a decent bluegill on the popper. I can’t wait to set up a vaiation somewhat lighter for my 4 weight set up. Thanks for a great idea.

Michael W.

Floral City, FL
July 28, 2016

Good morning, I just wanted you to know that I caught my first fly rod bluegills yesterday evening. What a blast! I live on a huge, 18,000 acre lake that consists of swamp and open pools with lots of connectors in between. Lots of bluegills. Guys fish for them via traditional methods but no one uses a fly rod. I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be seeing others using them soon.

Scott S.

Appling, GA
July 28, 2016

I just about have them all (Bullys Bluegill Spiders) and have caught a lot of fish on most of them. You have a great store with great customer service. Thanks for the good times.

William B.

Apex, NC
July 28, 2016

Just wanted to share this picture with you. I have purchased many bluegill flies from your site and have enjoyed fishing with all of them. You carry the best selection of bluegill flies that I have ever seen.