RIO AgentX Fly Line Cleaning Kit


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The RIO AgentX Fly Line Cleaning Kit contains AgentX Fly Line Dressing and one application cloth.  AgentX is a fly line cleaner and conditioner that will make your fly line shoot further and smoother.  The application cloth is a specially designed micro abrasive fly line cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line.  We are very picky about the products we place on the BreamBugs website and we experimented with several brands of fly-line cleaners before we chose the RIO AgentX brand.  Here is a tip, to lengthen the life of your fly line don’t leave it in bright sunlight, like the dash of your car, the UV rays will dry the line too dry!  Also, don’t spray bug spray or sunscreen on the line because the chemicals will remove the protective PVC and destroy your line.  At the end of the season and before you store the line until next season wash the line with a mild dishwashing detergent, dry it, and apply RIO AgentX cleaner and dressing.  Tight and clean lines!  For an article on cleaning and dressing fly lines send an email to and in the subject line write “Cleaning fly line”.
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