Double Barrel Bass Popper White

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Offer predatory fish a vulnerable easy meal with a white Double Barrel Bass Popper
designed to imitate a baitfish, frog, mouse, or even an aquatic baby bird. The
Double Barrel Bass Popper is ideal for predatory freshwater fish species that feed
on the surface, such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, stripers, and
more. The Double Barrel Bass Popper is a no-nonsense popper fly uniquely
designed with one thing in mind generating a massive “pop” and water
disturbance to trigger aggressive attacks from predatory fish. This massive “pop”
and water disturbance is brought about by the creative design of the face of the
popper. It has two indentations as opposed to the usual one indentation to give it
the look of the end of a double-barrel shotgun. This double indentation gives the
popper the ability to create twice the “pop” and water disturbance of typical bass


Say goodbye to the fragile poppers with hard epoxy finishes and say
hello to the indestructible “soft bite” Double Barrel Bass Popper. Designers of
the Double Barrel Bass Popper have taken bass popper production to another
level by completely eliminating the hard epoxy finish in exchange for a very flexible
epoxy finish that can take strike after strike without breaking or cracking the
popper. Available in several colors and hook sizes this Double Barrel Bass Popper
is a must for the tackle box of the serious bass fly fisher. Fished along shorelines,
lily pads, and weeds with lots of action this popper is irresistible to largemouth
bass. Designed to move enticingly in the water this popper appears to mimic a
wounded baitfish even when you are not stripping the fly line adding incentive for
the fish to strike aggressively.

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1 review for Double Barrel Bass Popper White

  1. Stod (verified owner)

    My go-to for NE reservoir smallmouth bass. Fun to fish with all summer and seems to never fail.

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