Crappie Bully

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This red and silver fly, tied by Terry Wilson, is great for Crappie fishing and bluegill fly fishing, too.  It sinks faster than other Bully and its rubber legs slow the fly’s descent they also wiggle seductively as it approaches the crappies’ field of vision.  Its silver body, wide gap hook, and bright red gills make it particularly attractive to the more aggressive fish.  Available in hook sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12..  Learn more about fly fishing for crappies in Wilson’s book, “Crappie Fly Fishing”, under “Books” in the Select Product Category section on the first page of our website.

1 review for Crappie Bully

  1. Richard

    I have used this tied behind a floating foam spider and have caught large mouth bass and bluegill. No crappie yet but I believe I just have not located them.

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