Use the quiet BoogleBullet ™ when targeting wary, easily spooked fish or when conditions call for a quiet, stealthy presentation.  You will appreciate the clog free hook eyes.   Available in hook sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10.

BoogleBugs ® BoogleBullet ™ is a very attractive, and most durable bass bug or panfish bug. Used by knowledgeable warmwater fly fishing anglers to provoke aggressive top-water feeding by their finned adversaries. Not only that, but one very tough, good looking bug that will catch you lots of bass and panfish for fun or food.

BoogleBugs ® BoogleBullet ™ not only catch fish, but also feature premium grade cork bodies and a resilient polymer finish for outstanding durability. Containing super sharp Mustad Signature hooks and precision graphic detailing.  Give BoogleBugs® a try and see how many fish you can catch on a single bug.

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