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Just received those beatiful Briminators from your company, superior flies, superior delivery I will advise all my panfishing partners of your offerings, we will do business again, many thanks.

Paul S. West Palm Beach, FL July 28, 2016

I received my order today. I found BreamBugs quite easy to navigate, order from, and quick with the shipping. I will be telling my friends about you.

Aaron H. Enola, AR July 28, 2016

Thank you so much for my order and my extra Wildcat, that was just over the top. You guys provide a unique service and I have told all my fishing friends about your company. I really hope your company lives long and strong because I will be a customer for life. Good customer service is hard to find these days, glad to see you guys are keeping it alive. Thanks again.

Rob S. Texas July 28, 2016

I thank you very much . . . your organization is commended for your prompt, informative and attentive responses . . .

James T. Jackson, MS July 28, 2016

I just received my order of some BoogleBugs from you guys and I have to say you guys are a fantastic company to work with, good fast shipping and communication. You now have a customer for life.

Evan L. Piscataway, NJ July 28, 2016

My brother and I use all five colors of the Bream Killers when we go after the big bream. We each have our favorites. He uses the green and yellow on his rods. Me, I use the black, brown and chartreuse on my rods. It really depends on the water but we usually try all if they'not hitting what we are using. The "go to" is the green all the time. Very seldom if ever do we use the same fly. I have added extra hair to some of them and again it depends on their mood if they want to hit what is presented. There is none better than the Bream Killer when fly fishing. Thanks for having the best products on the market today.

MacArthur B. AR July 28, 2016

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