The BeetleBug is made from wine bottle cork, recycling to help the environment.   It has been coated with clear coat to seal the cork to give it extra buoyancy. It has a bright red “strike point” dot on its beetle belly, a weed guard, green rubber legs and two bright yellow and black dragon eyes. No two BeetleBugs are exactly alike due to the variations in the cork. No flamboyant wings, no circular hackle, and certainly an unimpressive body design, it is unimpressive. However, like the classic VW Beetle it is spectacular in its success. Yes, it is ugly and crude, ugly as a mud fence and crude as a cardboard out-house, but to the fish it looks like a delicious meal. At a price you will appreciate.  Sometimes a frog imitation is the Silver Bullet for catching big bluegill and bass.

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