July 28, 2016

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I had a great Saturday with my Spider Legs poppers. I fished shingle creek off of west Lake Toho in central Florida. I go there a few times each late summer to fish for monster copperhead Blue Gills. These fish bed around the cypress trees that line the creek for the first mile up from the lake. These fish average 1.25 lbs and larger. We have a 25 fish limit and it is no problem getting my quota in just a few hours each time out in this creek including last Saturday. The Spider Leg popper has been my go to pan fish fly for 10 years now and it works great with my small 5 wt. rod; this fly is also deadly on bass. My personal best fly rod bass was caught 2 months ago on a green Spider Leg popper in a small no motor lake in my Kayak. This bass was over 10 lbs, I put her back and did not get a chance to put it on a scale, but it has huge and 10 lbs is conservative.