Samurai System, for sight casting fly fishers/Stripping Bucket

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The Samurai System is for sight casting fly fishers designed to help fly fishers...

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The Samurai System is for sight casting fly fishers designed to help fly fishers catch more fish from stand up kayaks or SUPs.  With this system you never take your eyes off the fish.  This is not just another stripping bucket, this is a complete system.  The Samurai System consists of a durable nylon belt with a fly rod holder large enough to accommodate saltwater fly rods and reels securely and a kayak paddle holder attached.  The system includes a foam stripping bucket with a Velcro fly “landing pad” (to hold the fly until you are ready to cast) for use with a line lock in the rod holder.  The stripping bucket is designed to address fly line management issues, providing a more enjoyable fly fishing experience for both saltwater and fresh water fly fishing.  This system allows the fly fisher to keep a tight line between the rod holder and the fly with stripped shooting line ready for casting to the sighted fish with speed and minimum movement.  The complete system is only $125.95.  The Samurai System is also excellent for wading and sight fishing for gar and carp.  For more information and a video demonstration go to:

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    This system works so well by freeing up your arms to pole/paddle but also keeping everything within reach so that you never have to take your eyes off the fish. I cant count how many fish I have lost sight of and or spooked trying to set down a paddle or pickup a rod. The efficiency of having the rod, fly, and a place for the paddle all on the belt has remarkably increased my hookups. Thanks for designing such a great and simple way to have a better shot of getting the fly where it needs to be… in front of the fish!!

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