Accardo Blue Gill Special REPRODUCTION – Yellow, Black, Yellow

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The Accardo Blue Gill Special REPRODUCTION popper is made with a 1/2 inch long yellow cork body detailed with black hackle and a yellow tail and four white rubber legs with two bright red “strike” dots on the bottom of the cork body.  The cork body is made from premium cork which means the paint adheres very well to the cork resulting in a very durable popper for warm water fly fishing.  The cork body is designed to make the popper float properly on the surface of the water at the correct depth and angle to assure ease of catching fish.

Made in the USA.

The Accardo Blue Gill Special REPRODUCTION is made in South Carolina USA by the talented popper designer Chris Webber, founder, owner and operator of Brack N Brine Outdoor Products.  Chris Webber takes great pride in his craftsmanship and went to extremes to make an exact reproduction of the original Accardo Blue Gill Special once made by the Accardo Tackle Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Accardo Blue Gill Special was one of the first poppers produced by Tony Accardo and it was an instant success among warm water, top water enthusiast.

Successful Popper.

The Accardo Blue Gill Special remained a top selling popper until the Accardo Tackle Company went out of business.  Fortunately, Chris Webber of the Brack N Brine Outdoor Products company took the challenge to reproduce this classic old Accardo Blue Gill Special popper.  Designed initially by Tony Accardo to allow the fly fisher to cause the popper to make a small noise when the line is stripped as well as create a bit of disturbance on the surface of the water which stimulates the fish to strike the popper.  The Accardo Blue Gill Special REPRODUCTION is based on the old-style cork poppers designed to catch fish!


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  1. Jimmy Collins

    A friend reintroduced me to this particular popping bug Arcardo 101 could purchase these all over Southwest Florida and over at lake O one of the best popping bugs ever but it had three red dots when they would wear off time to put a new one on so I went on to hunt for them to no avail at any of the local tackle shops & over at lake Okeechobee called and talked to a gentleman at sorry I can’t remember his name but he got me hooked up with some other ones close but no cigar thanks for your help greatly appreciated it !! ÇBC 101 3red Dots & YBY 3red dots also is what I’m after still looking for them and I have an arsenal hands down that’s the best with the color spectrum changing daily there’s something about that particular color combination & burp it makes that just outperforms 50+ different popping bugs that I have there were two different sizes best I recall back to the gentleman from breambugs the ones I purchased from you work okay best I recall you throwed me in a couple extras to experiment with thank you again. Jimmy

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