The latest introduction in the BeetleBug series is the BeetleBug Diver.  The BeetleBug Diver is made from wine bottle cork, recycling at its finest.  We left the BeetleBug Diver in its natural cork color and with its distinctive cork markings.  The rich texture and natural markings as well as the natural color of cork give each BeetleBug Diver its own unique characteristics.  It has been coated with clear coat to seal the cork and to give it extra buoyancy.   It has the traditional bright red “strike point” dot on its beetle belly,  two bright red eyes and four brown rubber legs. The photo shows the top of the BeetleBug as well the side and belly.  Try all three BeetleBugs with our BeetleBug 3 pack.

BeetleBug Diver


BeetleBug 3 PACK


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